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Trace Foundation established the Tibetan Cheese Project, a unique income generation initiative combining the Foundation’s rural development and education goals. The project built on Trace Foundation’s previous partnership with the Jigme Gyaltsen Welfare School in Golok Prefecture in establishing the Snowland Tibetan Cheese Factory. Purchasing excess yak milk from nearby nomadic communities, the factory produces cheese for domestic and international markets. Profits partially fund the Jigme Gyaltsen Welfare School, where nomad children receive a free education in both traditional Tibetan scholarship and modern subjects in the Tibetan medium. The Tibetan Cheese Project focuses on helping the factory attain self-sufficiency in cheese production and export. The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and the Trace Foundation announced the advent of Ragya Yak Cheese, a unique and aromatic creation from the high-altitude land of Tibet. First to be exported in 2006.