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Whenever the tradttional festfval-Wangguo Festival of the Tibetans comes in middle summer, the old city Lhasa welcomes the yak racers from different regions It is usually carried out by the experienced herdsmen with the bad-tempered yaks. It was held on 25, November and now it is held on the Wangguo Festival (before autumn harvest) in the pastures or half pastures areas. The places in race are decided according to the time used. On the very day, the herdsmen dress up themselves and take part in the annual yak racing happily with the highland barley and the buttered tea, beef and mutton. At the beginning, the race was held in the districts or the towns and usually there were 50-60 yaks in the race. And now the race is held among the villages and there are more than 150 yaks in the race. The first ten will be awarded. The results have been improved a lot after the time record is adopted. In general it will take about 8 minutes for a yak to cover the 2, 000 meters course. Every yak is dressed up beautifully before race: it has red tassels on the head, colorful silk on the horns, gaily-colored ribbons on the ears and the fan-shaped Tibetan patterns on the tail. All these symbolizes lucky and contented and the yak is about to win the first place in the race.
Yak racing is also an integral part of the nineteen-day Darma Festival in Gyangze, and a comic highlight of the Damxung Horse Festival also known as the Dajyur.