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Question: Why Tibetans have rosy cheeks?
Possible Answers: A)Ample blood supply is the key to rosy cheeks, trouble-free menstruation and vitality.
B) Recent research shows that, although Tibetans living at high altitudes have no more oxygen in their blood than other people, they have 10 times more nitric oxide (NO) and double the forearm blood flow of low-altitude dwellers. Nitric oxide causes dilation of blood vessels allowing blood to flow more freely to the extremities and aids the release of oxygen to tissues. This may also help explain the typical rosy cheeks of high-altitude dwellers.
C)The tibetans have rosy cheeks. they live on a diet of butter and tea and barley flour.
D) From Windburn
E) Pink peach blossoms shining upon each other.
Lots of love friends. I think you can guess (all the above)