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Also known as the parasol, this is a traditional symbol of protection. It is also an emblem of being royal. The white umbrella is regarded as a symbol that brings great honours and recognition. The parasol protects against the blazing heat of the sun and its shade cools the heated breast.
In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a very powerful deity emanated from the forehead of the Buddha known as the White Umbrella Goddess. This Goddess protects against every form of black magic and it is her white umbrella that signifies this protection.
In the old days, the parasol signifi ed royalty and 13 umbrellas signified the status of a king. Thus the symbolism of 13 umbrellas, one stacked on top of another, is very popular. Another depiction of this symbol is the thousand-spoked umbrella.
Prayer Flag Umbrellas could represent the 'White Umbrella of Tara'. A special protective aspect of Tara, known as the White Umbrella, Dukar manifests power with her all-seeing thousand faces, her omnipotent thousand arms and omnipresent thousand legs. Each face has three eyes. Each arm, the palm of each hand and sole of each foot has its own eye. The main hands hold various weapons and symbols of power and indestructibility. She protects all beings of the 3 realms, shown beneath her, from the eight great fears (fear of lions (pride); fear of elephants (ignorance); fear of fire (anger); fear of snakes (envy); fear of robbers (wrong views); fear of imprisonment (avarice); fear of floods (attachment); fear of demons (doubt). Dukar’s left hand holds the protective Umbrella of Dharma.