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Tibetan Silver, Amber, Coral, Turquoise and Human/Yak Bone have special meanings for Tibetans. For the Tibetan turquoise meaning is that of circle of life starting with birth to death. This can be attributed to the fact that when turquoise has not been treated, it often changes color.
To the ancient Tibetans- the final destination of much of the ancient Mediterranean's coral- the gem's auspicious red color made it highly esteemed as a charm against disease and danger. Besides its ability to bring luck and keep away calamities and the 'evil eye,' red coral was also considered a valuable harbinger of illness or poisoning, believed to pale in color if the wearer was ill or had even been exposed to illness or darken as the wearer began to recover.
Amber comes from Yunnan in China, it is thought to be the spirit of a dead Tiger enters the ground and is transformed into Amber.
Human Bone represents the impermanence of life and the limits of human knowledge.
Yak bone is representative of the animals hardwork and devotion to man
Silver is the "Moon's Metal" and is therefore linked with emotions. It fosters hope, spiritual and romantic love, and grounding. These metallic stones stimulate psychic awareness and psychic dreams. Silver may offer protection, especially when traveling and has been empowered with strong money attracting vibrations. Tibetan silver is a kind of silver alloy made by traditional Tibetan technology. It looks darker than sterling silver, but it has a special rugged style which sterling silver can never show.