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Flags Stupas and Mountains on a sunny, windy and temperate day or a room with 300 yr old thangkas- and it isn't even a choice, you can have both!!! I am in Europe right now checking out alittle of that Western History but I look at this and my heart just isn't in it. This picture is where I belong. The passion I have for this part of the world is to great a draw. I want to make quick work of Europe, Africa maybe something special, the Middle East is of definite interest, then South there enough time for all. I travel cheap so to keep some of the money for more but time is my greatest concern now. I think of this like the formost important thing on my mind. What if my parents need my help, they are old? What if I get too old to travel properly? I guess there are people with much much greater concerns but I wish I had more time.