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First Meeting with the Head Lama of Aba was in this tent. It gets better, a few pictures ago I had said I started to hitch to Aba from Chengdu during the SARS epidemic. I was dropped off on a lilac covered road, walked 20kms. or so... then an SUV from Shanghai picks me up!!! Oh my God! Alittle English, it is cool but I was sweating and dead tired so I crashed in the back of the truck. They woke me as we were coming into the valley of Aba. I will look this up but I think it is called puja. They were coming to donate and get blessed by a lama they had met earlier in the year. I did not expect such a welcome and I certainly wasn't expecting to eat at the big table looking how I looked but all was cool. No problem. They spoke Chinese to each other, the Lama and I in slow English. He called the hotel in town and they got me a room. We had wonderful selection of Yak BBQ, potato salad, and I can't remember but it hit the spot. The boys were leaving that morning and staying as his special guest at the monastery. He would later call on me at the hotel and take me around to a few of his monasteries he presided over, show me some cool (and cataloged) goodies in special rooms and finally he would take me with him out of Aba. Take a look at that tent, any idea how much that cost? A good guess may be $1000 or more. And my mother ask why I hitchhike!