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Women braid their hair into 108 strands, a number that holds mystical significance for Tibetan Buddhists. The girls are braided alone while the married women are doubles braided, and without the hair supports, and the length of the red strings is longer than that of their braid of hair, the women regulate their two braids of crossed leaflet in the head of the back of their heads, that appeared more worthy, more generous and riper. The it is difficult to judge a pastoral woman that married or not, because nonetheless major they have several small braids on their head, even as the girls of Uygur, they secure these small braids in two and decorated them with the strings of red and green hair, also the coral of package, appear them, appear them agates and nine eye on the two braids, that Body and often led with their. Themselves they put their encircled braids on the head, it will do looked at as a decorated crown of precious rocks and a lot of styleful.