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Nomadic Yak Hair Tent and Tibetan Mastiff. From this distance, there was noone active outside to invite me closer so I could not tell if this was a proper Yak hair tent. It is the right color so I can't imagine a "fake" nomad tent. It isn't like Burberry or some shit so let's just take it for granted this is real. A tent this size would have taken a year to make. Not only to have shear the yak, clean and spin the wool, you then have a smaller transportable loom which you would use to weave the canvass of your tent. The ropes too would be yak hair (I have a few), the ropes and tent would last forever if properly stored.
The Tibetan Mastiff you see, one time taking a bus somewhere a pack of maybe 5 large Tibetan Mastiffs with maybe wolfs (a pack of huge different dogs) chased the bus and tried to bite the window. Scared the hell out of the Tibetans too.