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Tibetan Nomad rescues me during SARS on the Qinhai border. I left Aba with the head lama of the Gerdeng Monastery. He was head lama of 7 total monasteries.(discuss more at another tent pic) We communicated well using English, and a little Chinese. We stayed in contact since the first day. He was going to a small villlage to give a blessing, I was going with him but we were stopped on the border. He had his SARS injection, I didn't. I said goodbye to him and waited for the doctor to go through the routine of oking me. After 3 hours and past 5pm, there was no traffic as I was set free. I figured to walk aways but this man riding his bull followed me. He persisted I stay with him and so I followed him to his home. Modest 1 room divided by small 6 inch rise from the dirt floor. Kitchen, washing area and a sleeping area with a mat on the floor. In the sleeping area a small shrine stood, out the one window hung a solar panel he would later hook up to a car battery for radio. Along the far wall were futons and blankets. Over the divider was a proper steel box stove, welded together in the local town. It was cozy. We would burn dung the whole night and I actually was hot sitting in my t shirt. A small wall surrounded the house. A neighbors house stood 200 yards away. Both homes were completely made of dung with the exception of the wood framed door and window. Sealed tight with only a few gaps, the stove pipe leading directly out the roof this was a sound house. The window had no glass of course but the shudders worked fine and held the wind out. There is another picture of him and one of his wife so I will discuss our relationship further.