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My Nomad friend took me in to his house (I describe on another photo). I was walking and he more than me knew how quickly it gets dark. He watched me for 10 minutes as I continued down the road, then he rode up on his bull and made the sign for sleep and gestured over the hill. I thought about it and he was right, he knew it. I walked beside him and his ox. He offered and took my backpack. We looked the same size, we were the same age, I wondered how easily I could lead his life. Sitting together looking at the Tibetan-English Lonely Planet Language book both of us were at ease with each other. He had gone to monastic school to the age of 15 and was a lama in the monastery at the next towns monastery. I offered and took his and his wifes photo. He could read Chinese but had some trouble writing the monastery's address clear enough for the postal clerk to copy but I did later mail the photo copies. We ate left over food from the previous day. I shared my two apples and coffee. The next day we hung out on the side of the mountain, his wife did chores. He had two great Tibetan Mastiffs that finally allowed me to touch them. I left him around 2pm the next day.