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Yungbulakang is one of the most picturesque monasteries in Tibet. According to a legend of followers of the Bön religion, Yumbulagang was erected in the second century B.C. for the first Tibetan king Nyatri Tsenpo, descended from the sky. During the reign of the 28th king, Lha Thothori Nyantsen, in the fifth century, a golden Stupa, a jewel and a Sutra that no one could read fell from the sky on the roof of Yumbulagang; a voice from the sky announced: "in five generations one shall come, that understands its meaning!" Later, Yumbulagang became the summer palace of the 33rd king Songtsen Gampo and princess Wencheng. After Songtsen Gampo had transferred his seat to Lhasa, Yumbulagang became a shrine and under the reign of the 5th Dalai Lama, Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso, a monastery of the Gelugpa school. The first cultivated field in Tibet is called Zortang and is located to the northwest below Yungbulakang.