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Namgyal Tsemo Gompa is above the Leh Palace, built in 1430, is open only during the morning puja. The Gompa is placed in a steep hill overseeing the whole city. An amazing statue in gold of the Maitreya Buddha as high as three stories together with many idols and Buddhist scriptures are attractive to visitors. The Namgyal Tsemo Gompa of Ladakh was founded by King Tashi Namgyal and has been named after him only. It boasts of a rich collection of some ancient manuscripts and wall paintings. Namgyal Tsemo Monastery of Leh Ladakh also houses a statue of Avaloketesvara and Manjushri, approximately one story high. Near the monastery is an old fort, which, because of neglect, lies mostly in ruins now.
I woke up to this picture everyday for a Summer and Fall! I loved climbing up to the monastery and the monks never charged me after the first trip.