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Here I am starting the Linkor around Drepung. This man is starting too. In front of us are the people on the mountain side. This one and half hour pilgrim's circumambulation of Drepung monastery leads west of the perimeter wall and uphill to around 3900m before descending in the direction of Nechung. The path passes several rock paintings, past high walls used to hang giant Thangka during Shoton, peaks at the valley of Prayer flag, descending via encased Drolma statue, and several more rock carvings or self arising stone images. There are excellent views to be had along the way. The walk is recommended only after properly acclimatizing in Tibet. Gephel Ritro hermitage is another 3-4 hours walk uphill from Drepung, where the smoke from Juniper offerings are seen regularly. Here, monk herders produce excellent curd, which was formerly reserved for Dalai Lamas.