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The old ruins are neat. What was once there? There is nothing as far as the eye can see, then this woman appears. My driver made a pass at her, she laughed heartily. The driver saw what I saw, she had a sparkle in her eye. I believe he was asking her to go with him for a quicky behind the rocks for some money, I heard "yuan". Then he got antzy and kind of angry which I deduced was because we had 3 girls in the back seat of the car sort of whining.
How I got into Tibet...
I was hanging out at the street corner playing pool with a dutch man in Golmud, near is Dunhuang Buddhist caves. Dunhuang has 492 caves, with 45,000 square meters of frescos, 2, 415 painted statues and five wooden-structured caves. The Mogao Grottoes contain priceless paintings, sculptures, some 50,000 Buddhist scriptures, historical documents, textiles, and other relics that first stunned the world in the early 1900s.
Tell me you don't want to go!
Back to the dutch... I later had to wipe shit off said dutchmans pants cause he didn't squat as deeply as he should have. It is funny to have a man ask you to wipe poo off his pants cause it is cold and he couldn't reack behind him. So dutchman is conservative and alittle more scared about how I was getting us a ride. I had one failed attempt far south of Kashgar at the truck stop- noone was going in. They close that pass in September. This place seemed more than perfect in 1999. Because we are foreigners, there is only one hotel we can stay at, because we are foreigners being on the street drinking beer and playing pool can cause alot of attention. So I kept asking the crowd who had a car and wanted to go to Lhasa. It worked, I negotiated a fair price for the truck with 4-5 people and then a meeting time at 5am (border guards were sleeping as we passed) and then I found the 3 women who also wanted to go to Tibet sometime in their life. Story of my life, I have done this so many times it is hard to say. I get a bunch of people to share a ride, with my benefit being I get the front seat.