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So much can be seen from this photo. For example, how much energy would it take to place mud in the cracks that frame the windows? It is cold, I am in a winter jacket, hat, gloves and I have a sweater on too. The boy is happy to find a new play partner. There is a light coating of ice and some snow covering the ground. The boy is laying on top of the futons that father and son sleep on. There is only these two futons present so I imagined mom is dead. There was no sign domestic touches that a Tibetan woman brings to even a one room house. The stove you can't see is wood burning and there are some spare utensils near the stove. This is it.
This home sits in a valley near Derge, there are these lovely prayer flag umbrellas (photo later)that are near the small river that seperates the 10 homes, one monastery from the main road. The "village" of 10 or so houses lies 100kms or more between two slightly larger post (truck stops). On our way to Derge I wanted to stop and see this but the comfort and heat of a SUV was too much to pass up, but as we passed this village the truck ascends to the pass and all these lovely blue poppies are clinging to rocks, on the way back I couldn't pass it up but get out and walk the way down.