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This monastery is typical of Aba valley in China. I stayed in Aba for 2 weeks, staying in the local hotel. As I said previously Aba was off limits but the hotel owners were also family of the local police chief. The room had no heat, 1 thin matress supported by rickety thin metal base and springs that sank when you sat on the bed. A wash basin was the only way to clean and a Chinese thermo came with the room, down the hall was a hot water basin. I may have been the only guest, I don't remember seeing anyone else. I hung out with the family alot. The son was in the monastery, wore the red robes. He sold me the lovely hand pounded symbols in a yak leather covered case I have. Mother minded the store, largest in town and grandma would mind her mani wheel sitting behind the store in the family room near the stove. Father would take off early and come back late. We spoke very little but enjoyed tea together everyday. Aba city is small, set on a grid there are maybe 8 interlocking streets, total of maybe 20,000 people. But the valley is dotted with lovely monasteries some 20-40kms in total. So everyday I had nothing to do but walk to another monastery. The sky was always threatening storm, the weather is cold and has the feeling of impending storm but I remember only once the sky breaking and it was here. I will show later (photos aren't in order) myself and the students in a group photo. Great fun.