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So the sun is going down, the shadows are covering the stupas on this mountain pass. Off to the side some pine needles are burning, it works as insence. It is a method of purifying the surroundings, bringing forth an assembly of buddhas, bodhisattvas, gods, demons, etc.
As you can imagine, Tibetans cross many mountains, and the tradition of piling up stones (chotens) on the mountain passes are evident. Every pass has many foot high mounds of small rocks. Prayer Flags with sutra printed on the brightly colored prayer flags flutter in the wind by the hundred and thousands it may seem like. Traditionally Tibetans use to dismount from their horses as they came close to the piles and add to the collection of decorations and then burn incense and aromatic plants to pray to the deities to stop evil and give them a safe journey. This is continued today as maybe 25-50% of vehicles stop at the top of the pass, and at least give a short prayer if not more. At times I was given small 3" square paper with blessings, put in the right hand, facing the stone piles to seek a blessing from the deities I was told to throw the paper blessings into air.