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This little Angel and her brother followed us all over the hill village, always staying just out of reach. She is so cute. As you can see she isn't Tibetan. We had also traveled northern India. The village had a monastery we saw from the road so we asked our driver to stop and we left to check it out. You have a main road and then jetting out toward a hill is a dirt road. A 5km hike there and back to catch another ride. Often in these very rural areas people aren't use to seeing a couple of backpackers. I will wear some Tibetan ambulants on the outside of my shirt to kind of calm the fears that people associate with outsiders. I took some photos of the inside of the monastery too I will show. A little side story, but we had met a geologist and his son earlier in Leh. We hung out some, showed them a very cool matza ball (I made matzaballs in the kitchen with the husband and wife) restaurant, well after we left this village we were climbing the road when their hired driver passed us, after recognizing us the men had the driver pick us up.