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This is at an army checkpoint/road side diner. It was very cold and I had been hitching alot this day. The hills roll on forever, even at this high elevation the road rolls through but the army checkpoints are always in a short valley. It is blocked from the wind, alittle warmer too perhaps. Always welcoming when treking. I was sweaty, had one shirt on and hoping my undershirt would dry, I wss near the stove. Drinking my Chinese loose leaf tea. The tea is thrown into a pot of boiling water, never strong enough and the tea always gets stuck in my teeth. But it is warm and allows for a few minutes of downtime. These little workers thought me amusing cause I had taken off my leg and was cleaning the sweat and the sleeve. I get many stares in Summer when I wear shorts, it comes with the territory. In Asia, many peple of all generations- young to old, are told that people have handicaps because they had bad karma or the devil got 'em. In Winter it always surprises people. I take off a 25kilo backpack, sit down and off goes the leg.