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The cave monastery of Shergole India is small but this old Buddhist monastery has elegant frescoes. It juts out of a brown, granite cliff and appears as if suspended in the middle of the mountain. This architectural quirk makes it an object of curiosity among local people too.
That is what you can read from the net! I will give you the rest of the story. Getting here was no worries, Kashmiri men give rides and share lunch with you. They run the trucks from Leh to Kashmir. Good men. The trucks stop at Kargil. Kargil is a shit hole of a city, only thing comparable is Flint, Mi. Nothing bad happened but just bad energy, we paid for our room but I couldn’t wait to get out so at 7pm we walked out of town. If you get past Kargil and can get a military hitch you will get close to these caves. The rest is easy as there are plenty of locals coming and going. These are the oldest Buddhist art we know of. Amazing frescos. Most of the rooms your not allowed in, the next few photos are from those rooms. If you’re a collector of something, keep pictures and show people. My interest is genuine and it seems often people open the doors and spend the time to talk. The monks allowed me to photo some of what I saw. We talked after and they told me that these styled paintings are Kashmiri artist from 1300 years ago.