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When is the proper time to ask how much when a monk is chanting?!?!? In this room where this photo is taken, 4m above the head of the lama- he is deep into mantra, he has a large drum that beats, he relentlessly speaks his mantras and I want the canopy with the mandalas. How much would I pay, it isn't particulary old but it is authentic and the purpose is obvious. This room is special, this is for special prayers- someone is likely sick, or dying and he is helping the spirit overcome what demons are holding the person down. I continue around the room, the depth of such a lovely culture, what beauty and I feel as always just completely taken in. I am always out of breath when I walk in such a room. The energy level is so high that it compresses my breathing, I am more of less gasping for air. The air is old like mantras have weight and in this weight are air- further weighed with the scents of yak butter that has burnt many many years. As the candles have burnt through time. I stay in this room with this man for an hour. My head swirls, my heart and limbs lifted, and in a way I become unconscious. This absence feeling is what is felt when the rush of existence overcomes time. I left with such peace, and blessed. With the photo I may be able to have someone make a similar piece.