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This is a good photo. Telling of what I enjoy. So this man found me a market buying a few things. If you go to a flea market in the states or Europe- buy something or carry a grocery bag as if you have. The sellers know you are more likely to spend money and not just browsing. Trust me it works. When people know you spend money, your real. Generally the prices start to lower. So he found me, took me to 3 or so homes of his neighbors. Unfortunately nobody had anything they hadn't already sold years ago. This is usual. Tibetan dealers, speak the language, have the time and literally have gone door to door buying in small villages all over Tibet. What is left is what was hidden. I don't much care, "all in time" I am patient if nothing else. Waiting for that one treasure is something I can do without blinking. I just wait. Here is his house, I have in my hand a statue from Nepal, new, that he is telling me is very old. Nepal makes the best metalwork in the world. An industry of statue making, thangka painting, woodwork and aging all has been set up in Nepal for centuries. You see the posters, the lovely painted but new cabinet and a candle box with a canopy over the top that spins when the candle is lit. Love the rich colors in an otherwise dark home. This a typical Tibetan family living room.