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I wish these photos were in order but alas they are not. Sorry. Anyway, this is Tibet not Tibet.
My Rant: Traveling on a budget...To some point I don't even want to say where but I figure if your reading this your interested enough to travel properly and not be the "rich old white people in those vans". Oh if Rick Stevens and the Antique Roadshow would just go away- take the whole genre with them. Seriously if a person is too lazy to read a book, to discover your own paradise but have enough money to be airlifted anywhere it is a crying shame of media overexposure. People like to be entertained without lifting a finger and the third world(?) has the unemployed to ensure we can sit our fat fanny anywhere and have a pedicure while lighting a yak butter candle during yogurt festival. Before I took this photo a bunch of rich old white people passed my girl and I on the road, like 1 every 10 minutes- not one stopped to pick us up- middle of nowhere and not one! Ugh, in fact everywhere in Asia I can say I never been picked up by a white van. But this too is part of life... this is worth it. What a view this monastery has.