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Coming from Nepal to India by road we chose Darjeeling as our entrance in. Darjeeling is lovely, with Himalayan mountains behind the city. It often rains and the roads are horrible cause the city sits in the mountains and the roads are dirt half the way. We wanted to get close to Bhutan without paying the fees. Kalingpong is further east and north, on the border. Like Darjeeling the city in high, the streets narrow, winding and little steps up and down create a maze through. There are many Tibetans and Bhutanese living here, many monasteries sit along the mountains. It is lovely, there are azaleas everywhere. As is often my case, by dumb luck we showed the week before the Bhutanese Dalai Lama's birthday, not his per se but the "Bhutanese Dalai Lama's". In Bhutan the government to save its culture requires the people to wear the traditional goi (mens) and kira (womens). Daily walks through nature we met some wonderful people scattered throughout. In this picture is one family, though by western standards the homes are simple- wooden, metal roofs, dirt floors. The young men are educated by the monastery, have access to internet and are quite intelligent. Places like this where the family bond is more important than the material goods we collect I felt ashamed. The young people are hungry to learn, people are kind, tv is not the center of home life and everyone in the family helps participate.