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I would like to know more about this. An uncut silk robe. Heavily embroidered. The thread is wrapped in gold. The design and gold thread is laid on top of the silk and then attached. I have never seen anything like it, I know very little. I have an dea that this is special and older.

The Bat is the emblem of good fortune. When something is depicted upside-down it means it has arrived, so the common depiction of an upside-down bat symbolizes good fortune has arrived. The Swastika is a well-know good-luck symbol from India. In Sanskrit, swastika means conducive to well-being. In the Buddhist tradition,the swastika symbolizes the feet or footprints of the Buddha. With the spread of Buddhism,it has passed into the iconography of China and Japan where it has been used to denote abundance, prosperity and long life.

Dragons have the power of complete communication. Displaying a dragon is said to protect one from slander and enhances one's reputation.
Main quality is power, dominance over the sea, and the water element.