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Early to Mid 19th C Antique fragmented Tibetan Tiger Pony Saddle rug that I asked a professional repairman to fix nicely and he did. Unusual center likely Central Asian Rug or Hoten, added later. These were woven seperately so having a center is nice for display purpose. Very eye catching piece. Very old wool, and tiger spine. Alot of repairs but very good, some bug damage too but considering the matter- Tiger Pony Saddle and age I think it is fortunate to survive til now. Small enough to frame, I would like to see an indigo matting of 3 inches used bordering this, really give it focus. mid level

The Tiger symbolizes unconditional confidence, disciplined awareness, kindness and modesty. It is relaxed yet energized; resting in a gentle state of being that has a natural sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, referring to the state of enlightenment.