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Antique Tibetan Rug, Three Archaic designed swastikas, the colors bordering the swastika may represent Sakya Sect. nice geometric squares in an early border design. Purple was made from insect larvae and has wonderful variations in color. The grouping of the frogs feet as it wavers in and out is also a pattern different from later frogs feet designs. expensive

The Swastika is a well-know good-luck symbol from India. In Sanskrit, swastika means conducive to well-being. In the Buddhist tradition, the swastika symbolizes the feet or footprints of the Buddha. With the spread of Buddhism, it has passed into the iconography of China and Japan where it has been used to denote plurality, abundance, prosperity and long life. In India, Hindus use the swastika at thresholds, doors, and offerings, the right-hand swastika is a solar symbol and the left-hand version represents Kali and magic. In ancient Mesopotamia it was a favourite symbol on coinage, In Scandinavia it was the symbol for the god Thor's hammer. In early Christian art it was called the gammadion cross because it was made of four gammas.