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19th C. Antique Ningxia Tiger rug. These types of Tibetan rugs are buddhist in origin yet made in the Ningxia province of China, used in monasteries. They hung from the ceiling on leather straps, I believe this has its original straps sewn along the edge. I do not know when this found its way to Lhasa, bought in 1999. Common to these Tiger Rugs is the red, a beautiful rug. I like the Chinese influence of typical vegetation one finds in older Chinese rugs, yet this Tiger stands guard over what I presume is the monastery grounds. Repaired buttocks. expensive

The Tiger symbolizes unconditional confidence, disciplined awareness, kindness and modesty. It is relaxed yet energized; resting in a gentle state of being that has a natural sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, referring to the state of enlightenment.