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Early 20th C. Antique Tibetan Tsa tsa of Songtsen Gampo. Starting to show some patina for clay so it may be getting old, difficult to tell since it is not painted.
Songtsen Gampo lived 604?650 was the thirty-third king of the Yarlung Dynasty of Tibet. Born at Gyama, he is traditionally credited with bringing Buddhism to the Tibetan people.
Tibetan people believe that making tsa tsas is a merit accumulating action. As holy objects, tsa tsas can be found inside stupas, prayer wheel niches, holy caves and monastery altars or beside holy mountains, holy lakes and other holy sites. Small tsa tsas can be put inside a portable amulet shrine (called Gau in Tibetan) and taken as amulets by those traveling. Making tsatsa is a compulsory skill of monks in Tibetan monasteries.