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19th C- 20th C. Hand Carved Antique Tibetan Horse Stirrups. We've used these to hang candles and small ivy plants. These are steel and have a carved dragon at the top. This was a common motif in the late 19th C. early 20th C.

Older Stirrups, 19th C. were usually made of iron, often quite a bit bulkier and heavy. The stirrups of the 20th C. tend to be steel, sleek and simple. You can tell an older pair by the weight and workmanship. Like all things old from Tibet, they will be decorative. If a pair were crafted for the rich, the details tended to be refined and polished stones may have been inlaid. Honestly in all my travels in Tibet I have never seen the true article. Seen reproductions that looked like reproductions. What I have gotten are stirrups made for the commoner, made by someone crafted.