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19th C. Tibetan Skeleton Monastery Door Hangings were hung above a doorway of a special meditation room. This room is used by lamas while chanting continuous for many hours. The room is dark, and will have a lama protectorate hung around the lama as he meditates. The inside often has the most unique art of the monastery, usually kept locked while not used. It is very unique and exciting to witness this practice. On the inside of this room, as one is leaving the room these hung above the two door ways.

The Skull acts as a Protectorate, used to strengthen us, reminding that death is reality and to act in such a matter as to gain good Karma. Often used as objects of focus during meditation. Skulls are also observed in primitive or prehistoric societies, an incorporation of a skull in a statue or painting emphasizes its divine, sacred, or magical character. Such visualization or imagery of a skeleton is a practice for purifying ones greed.